SQL Server Crossword #2

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4  5     
    78        9
10            11           
  1415      16     


  1. A person or thing that supports or reinforces another.
  2. The terminating node of an index structure.
  3. Existing or occurring in space.
  4. A group of neighbouring stars.
  5. Coloured entrance, SQL Server technology company.
  6. A reduction in volume of air through increased pressure.
  7. You can find me in the lumber yard.
  8. This SQL Server data structure is commonly found in books.
  9. A body of water you can see into.


  1. Some people say that these are made to never be broken.
  2. Mulder or Sculler.
  3. A quick shot with deliberate aim.
  4. Reflective availability technology.
  5. A separation of two or more things.
  6. Backup technology product that�s faster than the speed of sound.
  7. To place a restriction or limit on something.
  8. A smoking join type.
  9. To cause to combine.
  10. Mountains and tall structures often provide a great one.

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