1. Jonathan Thomas says

    Hey John, great site!
    I’ve been floating around the edges of IT for 10 years now, but am by no means an IT whiz. I stumbled into a job as a Database Manager/Email Marketer about 2 years ago. I’ve come a long way, but want to take it further and get my MCTS. I still feel like a beginner though and would like some advice on where a beginner should start. Would diving right into the official training kit books be ideal or should one look for some kind of training beforehand? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Thanks Jonathan! That’s an interesting question sir.

      I would suggest using the training kit publications as your starting point. It’s a more cost effective approach than jumping right on a training course that you may not really need, as the level of difficulty of the material for the SQL Server MCTS Certifications is in my opinion very acessable to most people (that’s polite for pretty darn straighforward by the way :-) ).

      Using the training kit gives you the advantage of being able to cover the material at your own pace, as well as potentially practicing what you are learning in your current environment, a great way to reinforce the material being studied. Once you start working through the subject matter, you’ll then be better placed to evaluate whether or not you feel you could beneifit from some additional training to support your efforts.

      Best of luck! Be sure to let me know how you get on or if I can help with any questions on the material you cover.

  2. Abdi Omar says

    Dear John,

    My is name Abdi and I ‘ve being in IT for the past 5 years, I started in 1st line support then moved to 2nd line and I’m really interested in become SQL Server Developer. I have spoke to my manager about this and wanting arrange cross training within our Developer guy, he hasn’t given straight answer and looks he is reluctant to do this.

    In mean time I have manage to speak our Sequel guy who is helpful and he install SQL Sever 2008 on my computer and given some documents to read through, but I don’t know don’t where to begin and I want our manage to give 1 day week have cross training, it doesn’t look like this option is being offed to me now even if after speak them several time.

    Please advice I what should do next, should I just get private training before they take me seriously.


    • says

      Abdi, your situation is indeed a tricky one, requiring a much deeper discussion than appropriate for the blog comments.

      I suggest you visit the Community Forum and start a thread there. You’ll also get the benefit of having the input and experience of the whole community.

  3. bilo says

    I have been out of school since 2011. I am trying to go back to school tobe a good dba. I am 29 years old. Is it too old to do it?

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