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  • ameena lalani

    Great article and very useful advice about building your own lab to test things out. There is no substitute for it.

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      Thanks Ameena!

  • http://twitter.com/FinianMarks Finian Marks

    Once again, Another great post! Cheers John

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      Thanks Finian, glad you found it useful!

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  • Sean M

    Thanks for the great article John. I agree with you 100% and you inspired me to write a few words of my own as my comment here was getting too long. Cheers.

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      My pleasure Sean, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I like that fact that you mention forum etiquette in your post. It’s something that’s often overlooked but yet is so important. You have to lead by example, to be a Forum Champion. Something I promised to do in my What I Will Do For You in 2012 post.

      Thanks for your comments!

  • Paulbrewer

    This is a great article John, would you mind taking a look at http://www.paulbrewer.net , there is an article I wrote there about diagnosing latency in a transaction replication test lab environment. It was reading this article on Friday which inspired me to do this over the weekend and I’ve sent it off to SQL ServerCentral to see what they think of it.
    Thanks and best wishes

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      Thanks Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s always brilliant to hear from readers inspired into action and the results of your efforts look great sir!

      • Paulbrewer

        Thanks for looking John, it took hours but still isn’t very comprehensive, I set a 1 day deadline for the article and ran out of time in towards the end. It’s a bit mickey mouse too, I created and knew what the problem was before starting the testing and diagnosis process. The article was also in response to a question Hammeil asked on Tuesday, if it helps with this then great, otherwise it was a interesting exercise anyway.

  • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

    Thanks Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s always brilliant to hear from readers inspired into action and the results of your efforts look great sir! 

  • Dukagjin Maloku

    As always nice articles, I like this: 
    Build Your Own Lab Environment  as part of your best practices that you can try and test!

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      Thanks Dukagjin!

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  • AndySerrato

    Wow amazing article I’m studing engineering in Spain and sometimes I feel like I need real world examples and with your blog I felt like I got thanks so much

    I’m studying this semester DB and I’m kinda loving it and thinking in this summer to swim into the heavy material

    • http://www.johnsansom.com John Sansom

      Thanks Andy! I’m delighted you are enjoying the blog and finding the content valuable.

      When I studied Computer Science at university Database Systems was one of my favourite courses too. Fundamental Formalisms, not so much ;-)

  • Alirio Silva

    Thank you John for sharing all this information. It’s of great help for me since I’m going to start studying for the MCSA SQL Server 2012 after being a teacher for 10 years and almost at the age of 40. I decided to switch from the Oracle certification to Microsoft’s because of the vast support out there.

    Thanks again!!!

    • http://www.johnsansom.com John Sansom

      Hi Alirio, delighted to hear that you’ve chosen to study toward SQL Server certification sir. There really is a great community for SQL Server. Do please keep us informed of your progress. We’d love to hear about it about in the forums.


  • Haroon Mustafa

    Credits where its due! John, Thank you! This is a great article. Helps me understand what i`m doing as i have gained an apprenticeship scheme as a DBA.

    • http://www.johnsansom.com/ John Sansom

      Haroon, glad you like it. Thanks for your comments!

  • Heri Susanto

    Hi John,..I hav one question…in your opinin..How i could be DBA while i have no IT background education?