1. I think it is a common mis-conception that most DBAs come from a dev background. It may be more true on the SQL Server side, but certainly not for other DBMSs. My background was in systems before I became a DBA. Yes, I do have some programming experience but it is a minor part of my training and experience. Almost all of my DBA work has been in a production environment. Other than some occasional performance tuning, I don’t work with developers at all.

    • William, interesting stuff sir! 

      Would you say that the infrastructure you have mostly been involved with corporates/large scale infrastructure? The reason I ask is because I imagine that DBAs that work in smaller shops or who are the only Data Professional in the company, are a lot more likely to also be involved with development and SQL Server.

  2. Doesn’t 70-463 “Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012″
    fall into the BI Exam subject areas as well, I’m still waiting for people to notice that extra requirement for the MCSA cert.  So really its Dev+Adm+DW merged together with BI reporting tools being separate.

    • That’s a great point. I wonder if you get to swerve the need to do the BI exam if you take the upgrade path.

      •  On my Cert Planner its showing that I can get the MCSA: SQL Server 2008 if I take the 70-448 BI MCTS Exam and that the upgrade to the 2012 MCSA also requires the 70-448 plus two more exams.  Looks like I might have to read the exam book I’ve got for it; I think its been on my shelf for 4-5 years mostly untouched :(

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