What is your biggest SQL Server mistake?


You know the one I am talking about.

We have all been there at some point. You get that awful feeling of dread as a chilling realisation sets in and you ask yourself, oh my god did that actually just happen.

Sure you can laugh about it now though, right. So come on and share your SQL Server mishaps. Even better if you can detail how you resolved your issue and together we can learn from our mistakes .

This is the question that I recently put to SQL Server professionals over at Stackoverflow.com when I asked, what is your biggest SQL Server mistake or embarasing incident? It is no suprise that we got some cracking responses.

In the good spirit of things and to get the ball rolling I took the liberty of going first……..

It was back in my early years as a junior SQL Server Guru. I was racing around Enterprise Manager, performing a few admin duties. You know how it is, checking a few logs, ensuring the backups ran ok, a little database housekeeping, pretty much going about business on autopilot and hitting the enter key on the usual prompts that pop up.

Oh wait, was that a “Are you sure you wish to delete this table” prompt. Too late!

Just to confirm for any aspiring DBA’s out there, deleting a production table is a very very bad thing!

Needless to say a world record was promptly set for the fastest database restore to a new database, swiftly followed by a table migration. Everyone else was none the wiser of course but still a valuable lesson learnt. Always stay focused and concentrate!

If you want to find out what the most common SQL Server slip ups are then you can check out the thread here. So far we have had almost 700 views and contributions from database professionals.  Why not share your story.