1. Doredla Swetha says:

    hi john,
    i am swetha ,i joined as a fresher in a company as sql dba .will u tell me the way we have to learn sql .i want to know what is the starting and ending point of sql.The thing is from where i have to start learning…

    pls,please guide me i want to settle as sql dba ,,pls reply to the post.

    Thanks in advance

  2. John,
    Thanks for your article.Never expect such a huge list :) Great to know .
    Thanks for sharing,
    Good Day,

  3. Here’s my definition of the DBA:

    Ensure availability, security, and performance of databases.

    1. Prevent data loss due to hardware failure (mostly backup)2. Prevent data loss due to user action (permissions)3. Ensure adequate performance of database servers (monitoring + tuning)4. Ensure availability of data (High Availability)5. Develop sql code for DB management, develop automatic DB management solutions

  4. I do plenty of the above – and soon to be grading for my Tae Kwon Do black belt. Venting is good!

  5. Hi john,

    How network issues related to the SQL server performance.will you please describe it in brief…


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