Stay up to date on SQL Server community events here in the UK.

Gmail users can add this calendar by using the Add button at the base of the calendar.

How Can I Edit Event Detail For My User Group?

  • If you are a User Group organizer and would like to add/edit your own events on this calendar simply send me an email with your details and I will grant you the access to do so.

Can I Consume This Calendar in Other Formats?

  • You sure can and thanks to Jamie Thomson for pointing it out. Other consumable formats include XML, ICAL and HTML

Find Your Local SQL Server User Group

  • There have been a lot of new SQL Server User Groups established in last couple of years. Perhaps there is a new local group near you? Use the map below to seek out your local User Group and keep informed of when new groups as they appear.

View SQL Server User Groups in the UK in a larger map.

Blue markers are PASS affiliated Chapters see for a full list.

  • Neil Hambly

    Hi John
    Awesome idea.. lots’ going on these days, tough to keep track of it all sometimes
    Just one thing. you have times on the London UG on 16th in the morning AM 06:30 – 09:30, this is in the evening PM 18:30 – 21:00

  • Jamie Thomson

    Great idea John. I’m a huge advocate of subscribable calendars (I recommend reading Scott Adams’ thoughts on the matter: so am delighted to see you do this.
    I’ve tried a similar initiative myself in the past except slightly different because I wanted to empower other people to keep it updated – unfortunately that didn’t happen. I guess having a curator is the only way to ensure it is up to date.

    Can I make one request? I don’t use Google Calendar however that doesn’t mean I can’t use this. Every Google Calendar is exposed in iCalendar format which means that I can subscribe to it in my calendar – please could you edit this post with the iCalendar link (I don’t know how to find this link in Google Calendar but I’m sure its not difficult)?


    • Jamie Thomson

      Yup, I’m subscribed (in Hotmail Calendar) and it filtered straight through to my phone. Love technology that is simple and works! Thanks.