The World’s Leaking Data

Right now someone is working extremely hard trying to steal customer data.

As a Database Administrator it is YOU who is responsible for safeguarding the data in your database environments.

Make no mistake, it is your Primary Responsibility as a DBA. Everything else, absolutely everything that you do in your role, is secondary to this need.

Within our community I’m becoming increasingly concerned that security has fallen from the forefront of peoples minds. Data Professionals just don’t seem to be giving security the attention that it deserves.

I’m not the only one who has been observing this worrying trend of late, with K. Brian Kelly blogging about the disturbing lack of security themed sessions announced for the upcoming SQL PASS Summit.

The threat to you, your company and your customers is very real. Just take a look at the Infographic below showing data breaches over the last 3 years:

Data Breach Infographic

Data Breach Stats brought to you by LifeLock.

Why Security Must Have Your Attention

As Database Administrators, clearly there is a very real threat to the customer data in our care. There are some rather ambitious people out there who would like very much to get their hands on our SQL Server databases and their data.

Please ensure that you are taking adequate steps and measures to protect yourself from such threats, by giving security the attention and respect it deserves.

Plugging the Leak

I hope that this post encourages you to stop and think about the importance of SQL Server security in your environment.

As a community it is our responsibility to ensure security is a subject that remains at the forefront of our minds.

SQL Server Security Resources

Here are some SQL Server security resources for further reading:

White Papers



  • Chris Yates

    Some of the numbers are staggering. I have printed the post and hung it on my wall for my colleagues to read as they come buy. Security should be at the forefront; very good article. Appreciate you taking the time to formulate and present it. Hopefully this awakens others to the stifling trend.

    • John Sansom

      Thanks Chris!

      I worry that it can be all too easy to forget sometimes just how much responsibility rests with us as Data Professionals.

      Any effort invested in raising the awareness of the importance of security is well spent sir. Good form. I suggest sweetening your campaign with doughnuts/cakes to further entice those passing by :-)