1. A good point. Ultimately , it’s teamwork. The DBA is just as responsible as the developer for the code . 1) Does the DBA have a sign-off process for the code ? 2) Has the DBA informed\educated the developers of methods and tools to assist in optimising performance ? 3) Is the DBA maintaining the system ?

  2. In my current company , all code needs a level of review prior to Production. In reality, it’s difficult to retain that level of service. The database systems are a mixture of in-house and third party. (15 DBAs supporting ~800 database servers on an operational and application level). Regular Health Reviews are made (once a month) on certain metrics . These health reviews include indentifying queries\processes that we pass back to developers. If possible, we work together on problems.
    I’ve found , most developers are not knowledgable enough about optimising databases and many DBAs have an insufficient knowledge of sql programming to assist developers.
    Monitoring\regular reporting assists greatly in identifying performance issues

    • One technology which changed the relationship is Hibernate . Object mapping on the application side has developed some bad habits . There is not as much focus on transactional concepts when querying the databases.

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