• Cody

    > There’s an issue with that production system you’ve never touched because Mike always looks after it.

    I actually feel the opposite this Xmas. There are issues with the production servers and I touch them because nobody else will do it (or wants to run the risks involved in fixing it) so it’s a chance to do it and potentially break everything while affecting the fewest number of users.

    Of course nobody else wants to fix it because it’s easier to do everything laboriously and tediously by hand taking a couple hours a work, rather than running a script. And goodness, that script would have to have credentials in it (because the AD isn’t set up properly so that credentials are accepted between the servers), and we can’t have passwords recorded anywhere (except in our email, databases, SSMS, and random text files everywhere).

    And fixing the problem DOES end up breaking everything, as predicted, but only because Mike has installed obscure software with zero documentation about what it is, what it does, how it works, how to stop and start it, or how to confirm it’s actually still working.

    Sigh… the joys of working in an office without a proper sysadmin :-/