1. Great site John!
    Just adding to what you have said-
    do you think that the primary responsibility of SQL database admin is the make the data ‘available’?

    Obviously data loss would be the worst case scenario but perhaps if your sql server has the data but the company can’t use it is almost as bad?

    I write as a DBA Newbie.

  2. Great information here … I am one of those “accidental DBA’s” although Ive always loved dealing with data, I started in the business as a Manager of Technical Support and after 4 years transitioned into a Jr. DBA role on a full scale web application project.

  3. Travis Alltop says:

    DBAs are the most important and most under appreciated person in an emterprise. I have said this for years. If you don’t have your data you don’r have doodly squat…remember that out there CEO’s when bonus time comes around……

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