1. John, what a great idea, thanks for telling me what I ought to put on all those other blogs!!

    Seriously though, in response to your Community items I am pleased to say I started a few of these 12 months ago.
    - I started to help out on and have been made a moderator.
    - I blog at
    – I Tweet at

    However, I am struggling with some others:
    – I am trying to start a SQL User Group in the South West but there are very few people showing an interest. Details here if anyone is interested I am still trying to get in touch with enough people to make our first meeting viable.
    - I am no way knowledgeable enough to speak about any part of SQL – maybe this will become easier if I can get a few local meetings under my belt.

    Anyway. Thanks again for writing your blog, please keep it up, its much appreciated.

    • Thanks for the offer and your kind comments. What you might be able to do for me is simply spread the word and get people to contact me if they are interested in coming to a meeting. I don’t know if you have any contacts in the South West? Ironically I have more people offering to speak than I have shows of interest from attendees. It would be great, when we get going, if you could come along but Exeter will be quite a hike for you unless you are down this way on holiday!


  2. You nailed it on the head. I’m pushing myself to leave feedback at blogs, because that’s what I want from my own visitors. I want to know if I’m helping, or how I can improve.

    Awesome twist on the subject by the way, put the action on the visitor, instead of listing off things you want to do yourself.

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