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I’m a Microsoft Certified Master(MCM) of SQL Server. I’ve been working with database technology in a variety of flavors for over fifteen years. I absolutely love what I do and genuinely feel privileged to be a part of our tremendous technology community. Got a question about SQL Server or being a DBA? Ask me!


  1. John
    Once again another great post about the SQLBits 8 conference – especially like the community award (also enjoy your the SFTW posts)

    It was great to catch-up, even if we only spoke briefly @ times during the conference
    Yes.. we fully agree that London is crying out for more UG events and for all those wondering, you’ll be glad to hear
    there will be some events happening in London very soon (I will be following up on those next week)

    I will post further details on those events @ http://www.sqlserverfaq.com and our LinkedIN Group as soon as I can, and of course give you a nod as soon as I have something concrete to share via your SFTW posts
    I will look forward to seeing you @ those very soon.

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