Something for the Weekend – SQL Server Links 31/05/13

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Here’s your weekly roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Technology Stuff. Enjoy….

SQL Server Links

Events – SQL Relay 2013

SQL Relay is an annual community run series of SQL Server training events across the UK. The aim is to enhance the existing SQL Server community in the UK by bringing world class training to your region.

Each SQL Relay spans 2 weeks, running 1-day conferences in a number of regions throughout the UK. With speakers from Microsoft, global IT companies and a host of MVPs, and covering topics from DBA, business intelligence and development, you can’t afford to miss the next event in your area!

Each event is run by the local SQL Server user group leaders. If you’re in need of a SQL fix before the next Relay, then find your local SQL user group here!

Visit the SQL Relay 2013 community site for all the details.

SQL Community Forum

These are some of things being talked about right now in the Community Forum by Data Professionals just like you.

Misc. Technology Posts

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