Something for the Weekend: SQL Server Links 02/10/09

I hope you’ve had a great week.

Here’s this weeks roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Techie Stuff. Enjoy!

SQL Server Links

How do CHECKPOINTS work and what gets logged? – A  detailed and intricate explanation by Paul Randal of what goes on under the hood of the SQL Server database engine when a CHECKPOINT operations is performed.

SQL Server High Availability White Paper Published – A new SQL Server White paper was released this past week, with the focus being SQL Server High Availability.

Detecting Loops using Recursive CTEs – A Walk-through of a recently encountered issue by Michael Swart (aka The Database Whisperer).

Why is CHECKDB Rolling back Transactions – I found this insight into CHECKDB internals to be particularly interesting. Courtesy of Gail Shaw from her blog SQL In The Wild.

CHAR: What is it Good For? – This weeks second post from Michael Swart.

Are you performing Backup’s of all your SQL Databases? If you think so, you might think again! – Jonathan Kehayias discusses.

SQL Server 2005 – Fast Running Totals solution with ordered CTE update? – Nice little walk-through with examples here.

The ABCs of Management Studio Shortcuts – Short on time? Make use of these SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts.

Misc Techie Stuff

Court Order Served Over Twitter

Just Say No – Want to make more effective use of your time? Let Brent Ozar show you how.

BCS Rebrand – The British Computer Society (BCS) has been re-branded and is now calling itself BCS Chartered Institute of IT. The BCS has been pushing it’s agenda hard in the last year and there look to be some excellent developments in the pipeline. I am particularly interested to see how the communications developments play out as this for me has been one of the more prominent obstacles.

That’s it for this week. If I’ve missed anything that you think is worth mentioning then be sure to let me know. Fire me an email or a tweet on Twitter.

Have a great weekend!