Something for the Weekend – SQL Server Links 15/03/13

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Google Reader to Shut Down

Google Reader to be Shut Down

The news this week that Google Reader is shutting down means that RSS consumers need to start looking for an alternative way to enjoy your favourite subscriptions, including SFTW. Of course the best way to make sure you get to enjoy every single post as soon as it’s published is to Subscribe to free post delivery by Email.

I would recommend that you start considering alternative RSS Readers now so that you don’t get caught out when Google Reader is shut down. The following article over on LifeHacker looks at some alternative readers, as well as provides instruction on how you can migrate your existing subscriptions to your new Reader of choice.

Personally I like to use Feedly for consuming content, particularly on the iPad. It looks fantastic and has a glossy magazine feel to it but I will need to find a more robust and similar alternative to Google Reader for content curation, such as creating this weekly post for you lot. What feed Reader will you be choosing?

Here’s your weekly roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Technology Stuff. Enjoy….

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