Something for the Weekend – SQL Server Links 13/07/12

It’s SFTW Time, I hope you’ve had a great week!

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Following a fantastic week off slacking, having returned from sunny Spain (seriously, what’s up with this British weather), this weeks round-up is a monster double edition post, grrrrr.

Here’s your weekly roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Techie Stuff. Enjoy!

SQL Server Links

UK SQL Server Upcoming Events

The big fixture this weekend is of course RedGate’s SQL In The City. Today’s event (Friday) is already well under way and I can’t begin to explain just how gutted I am to be missing out but there’s still time for you to attend tomorrow if you’re quick about it!

Use the SQL Server Event Calendar to keep informed of all upcoming SQL Server events, User Groups, and training opportunities here in the UK. You can also add this calendar alongside you existing Google calendar.

Misc Technology Posts

What was your favourite post? Read a blog this week that you think deserves a mention? Share your thoughts in the comments and find me on Twitter(@SQLBrit).

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Have a great weekend!