Something for the Weekend – SQL Server Links 01/06/12

It’s SFTW Time, I hope you’ve had a great week.

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Congratulations Ma'am

It’s almost time to kick off the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities here in Great Britain. This means the majority of folks will be extending a hat tip in the direction of Her Majesty and showing their appreciation by enjoying the extended Bank Holiday Weekend as they darn well see fit. That’s right, apart from the tourists most of us are just not that bothered about the celebrations but will of course gladly accept another day off from the grind. Thanks Ma’am!

Yes I know, I’m such a cynic. Maybe I’m just bitter that I will in fact be working on this bonus holiday, drawing the short straw to cover the shift on Bank Holiday Monday, a true DBA hero I know ;-) You can have yourself a right old Royal giggle by following the Tweets of @Queen_UK. Laughter is apparently the best medicine after all…

Here’s your weekly roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Techie Stuff. Enjoy!

SQL Server Links

UK SQL Server Upcoming Events

Use the SQL Server Event Calendar to keep informed of all upcoming SQL Server events, User Groups, and training opportunities here in the UK. You can also add this calendar alongside you existing Google calendar.

Misc Technology Posts

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Have a great weekend!

  • Michael Swart

    Some really good links here this week John. 
    And thanks for the plug, “Making life easier, just because I can” is exactly why I posted it.

    We had our own Victoria day weekend two weeks ago. Better known as “the start of summer” or May 2-4 (“2-4” being another name for a case of beer)

    I took a look at @Queen_UK:disqus and somehow I suspect that it’s not really her tweeting. 

    • John Sansom

      No Michael I am quite certain it is her ;-)

      Always a pleasure sir! Have a great weekend.