Something for the Weekend 17/07/09

Another week has zoomed by again and so it’s time for you to kick back, relax and enjoy some the best SQL Server content on offer this past week.

SQL Server Links

VLDBs and Instant File Initialization – In this podcast, Brent Ozar talks about a simple problem: managing file growth when your files are hundreds of gigabytes or larger.

String concatenation with max types stops plan caching – Simon Sabin investigates.

So You Want to Scale Out? – Not to be confused with an expanding waistline, Jason Massie talks us through three of the SQL Server scale out implementations he has worked on.

SQL Server Blogger Rankings – SQL Batman updates his Blogger Rankings. Given that only five people read this blog, I’ve still got a long way to go to get ranked ;-)

Using the Resource Governor – This Microsoft SQL Server White Paper was released this week.

How To Test Drive SQL Server Clustering For Free – A succinct walk-through by the Microsoft Customer Service and Support team on how you can get to grips with SQL Server Clustering technology absolutely free.

Filtered Indexes in SQL Server 2008 – A brief post scribing how to use SQL Server Filtered Indexes.

Unexpected Side Effects? Problems from Implicit Conversions – Jonathan Kehayias discusses some of the issues that can arise from implict data type conversions, with an interesting pointer to a common drawback of using Linq to SQL.

Misc Techie Stuff

Volunteering and Resume Building Jason Strate talks about how as a SQL Server professional, you can put your skills to good use for the benefit of others by volunteering, whilst also giving your resume a little polish.

Snooping Though the Power Socket – This BBC News article discusses how the residual power output from your keyboard could be giving away your security details.

Why Excel in the Browser Matters – Brent Ozar discusses Microsofts latest venture and the possible implications for Google Docs.

Microsoft to integrate Twitter into its CRM – Microsoft are planning to implement a Twitter component into their CRM suite.

Getting answers from Experts Exchange for free – A nice little tip here.

My Random Pick of the Week

Stackoverflow Architecture Discussion – An insightful look at the platform architecture implemented by the those clever chaps over at and a review of some of the valuable lessons learned.

That’s it for this week. If I’ve missed anything that you think is worth mentioning then be sure to let me know. Fire me an email or a tweet on Twitter.

Have a great weekend.