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I’ve been getting quite a few emails from you lately asking about blogging and how to get started with your own blog ventures. Things like what technology and theme do I use being some of the more common questions. This is a wonderful thing. The fact that you are interested in getting involved and sharing content with the community is absolutely fantastic and I would love to see some of your work here on the weekly links round-up someday.

I started blogging because I was inspired to do so by a SQL community member and if I can do the same for you, well that would just be amazing, seriously. It would be like the SQL community giving cycle coming full circle.

Going forward I’ll be publishing occasional posts on blogging. Sharing some of my experiences, lessons learned, technology recommendations and the like with you. Getting started with blogging is actually quite straightforward, the hard part begins once you get going with things and that’s where I would like to help. Keep an eye on the blog for more on this.

Oh and the theme I’m currently using is the Genesis Framework. If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, this is without a doubt the framework you should use. Everything else is sub-standard in comparison.

Here’s your weekly roundup of SQL Server Blog Posts, News and Technology Stuff. Enjoy….

From the SQL Server blogs

SQL Community Conversations

What your SQL community peers are talking about this week. Join the conversation..

Other Stuff Worth Reading

If you have an idea, general feedback or just want a chat then please get in touch.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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  • http://www.sqljudo.com Russ Thomas ( @SQLJudo )

    Thanks for the mention!! I wondered why my blog was unusually popular this morning :)

    • http://www.johnsansom.com John Sansom

      My pleasure sir. Have a smashing weekend!