Reminder – Email Subscribers – Action Required

Good Morning chaps! A glorious Summers day here today in London.

This is a super quick post to remind you that following Google’s decision to withdraw investment in the FeedBurner platform, I will be migrating to the AWeber broadcasting solution.

As a paid for service, this does mean there’s a cost to me but I believe it’s totally worth it to ensure you folks continue to receive a reliable and quality broadcast. Well at least the reliable part.

Existing Email Subscribers

  1. Please look out for a communication with the subject “Please confirm your subscription to SQLBrits Blog Updates”. You should have already received the emai by now!
  2. Simply click the enclosed link to ensure you continue to receive post updates.
  3. Alternatively you can complete the on-site form below.

The switch over should be very straightforward but if you do run into any difficulties feel free to shoot me an email.

Thank you for your support!

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