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10 Habits of Successful Senior DBAs that You Can Use Today

Senior Database Administrators (DBAs) through experience develop and practice a variety of habits that become key contributors to their success. Here are 10 habits of successful DBAs that you can begin to put to work for you right away. Habit #1: Use Free SQL Server Tools What if I told you that you can get [...]

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Top 10 SQL Server Tools

Top 10 Free SQL Server Tools

What better way to kick off a new year than with a look back at some of the top free SQL Server tools of 2012.I know you all love talking about your favorite tools and maintenance scripts. Whether your pleasure is problem diagnosis, query tuning, index … [Read More...]


Where the Magic Happens

Being a Database Administrator is only one of many careers where you can work with SQL Server and so I was thrilled when Consultant Nick Haslam(Blog|Twitter) offered to share his own unique story with us as part of the What's it Like to be DBA post series. I … [Read More...]