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10 Habits of Successful Senior DBAs that You Can Use Today

Senior Database Administrators (DBAs) through experience develop and practice a variety of habits that become key contributors to their success. Here are 10 habits of successful DBAs that you can begin to put to work for you right away. Habit #1: Use Free SQL Server Tools What if I told you that you can get [...]

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SQLBits – The 7 Wonders of SQL – Dates Announced

SQLBits is Europe's biggest SQL Server conference and a must attend event for all Data Professionals that work with SQL Server! SQLBits - The 7 wonders of SQL is to be held in the beautiful English town of York at the University of York no less. It's going to … [Read More...]

Don’t Forget 24 Hours of PASS Kicks off Tommorow

This is going to be yet another truly awesome event and I wanted to remind you all not to miss out on such a fantastic FREE SQL Server Training opportunity!24 Hours of PASS 2010 … [Read More...]

With Great Advice Comes Great Responsibility

I know that you have seen it yourself too. That forum or blog post that contains “advice” that is daft, stupid or worst of all just plain wrong.The SQL Server community is an awesome phenomena. Through collaboration and collective contribution across a … [Read More...]

SQL Snippet: What SQL Server Agent Jobs were running at that time?

Here is a SQL Snippet that can be used to identify the SQL Server Agent Jobs that were running on a server at a particular point in time.This can come in very handy if you need to troubleshoot a performance issue after the fact and want to find out if … [Read More...]