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I’m a Microsoft Certified Master(MCM) of SQL Server. I’ve been working with database technology in a variety of flavors for over fifteen years. I absolutely love what I do and genuinely feel privileged to be a part of our tremendous technology community. Got a question about SQL Server or being a DBA? Ask me!


  1. John,

    Don’t forget the logo.

  2. I agree with the “learning something new each day”. I usually get this after the first couple of blogs that I read. Some area of the product that someone does something different and I see it done another way, maybe even a better way of doing something. Always striving to learn more.

    I think that studying for certification is also a great way to learn more about SQL Server. I am currently studying for an exam and it has helped me learn aspects of SQL Server that I don’t use at work like Service Broker.

  3. this is the first blog, i’m reading. have certifications, restarting my career. I believe I’ll get lots of help from your blog and other links.
    Life is Wonderful.
    Bob Sond

  4. Thanks for this blog it really helps me a lot iam applying for a DBA positions thanks for the tips

  5. I am new here and i want to learn SQL Server 2005 or SQL server 2008 where to start
    and thanks for helpfull posts

  6. Ya…Very useful… :) Keep blogging like this wonderful tips….

  7. Hi, I would really like to enter the DBA environment, yes I have no experience but it’s a path I need to get myself on. I’ve been doing research on places to study at (part time) in Cape Town and it’s somewhat of a mission, any advice on good Faculties ?

    • Arashaad – I’m afraid I’m not familiar with what institutions are available in that part of the world.

      My advice would be to identify what your requirements are, such as your learning goals/,hat you wish to achieve through a particular study path etc. and to then review if you feel a given institution in your area will meet these. You should be able to approach each institution with your questions/requirements, as well as ask to speak with previous students who have successfully completed the study path you wish to follow. You will then be in a position to effectively evaluate whether a particular course/institution is the right choice for you.

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