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I’m a Microsoft Certified Master(MCM) of SQL Server. I’ve been working with database technology in a variety of flavors for over fifteen years. I absolutely love what I do and genuinely feel privileged to be a part of our tremendous technology community. Got a question about SQL Server or being a DBA? Ask me!


  1. Hello John,

    Excellent article, I agree that people too often only think about performance monitoring when their system has a problem, but by baselining with the tools you mention and Microsoft’s free utilities like perfstats, SQL Nexux and PAL we can be prepared for any issues by knowing already what our most commonly run queries, database hotspots, highest wait_stats and platform bottlenecks etc are. We can immediately then know if performance issues were almost to be expected or caused by something new and un-expected.

    Also, as a prepared DBA we want to be familiar with those tools so we can use them instantly when a problem occurs and baselining our systems on a normal day is an excellent opportunity for us to learn to use them at our own pace.

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