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  • chris

    Mike and John,

    First thanks for posting this excellent resource and document. Came across this site and topic in some random way, now added to browser.

    I am quite a new SQL pursuer, and fortunately for me have enjoyed meeting Mike Fal at the Denver SQL user group – which prompted me to read this post. Again much appreciated content.

    As sidenote, seeing the Brit images on this website make me think of my opportunities to travel across the pond. One site I had the good fortune to tour was the Red Cross Museum in Geneva. In it they illustrate how they kept track of millions of POWs for many countries involved in WWI for family relations and their countries. From a bit foggy recollection, they illustrated how they literally had four+ large auditorium size rooms, each with a staff of dozens to create, sort, and distribute tracking cards (maybe 3″ x 5″) for each POW. Each sort/card was based as I recall on Name, or by Origin Country, or by Last Battle Fought, or something similar (in other words each large auditorium had a set of cards specifically for recall by one of these subjects). Every POW had a card created for every sort type (again I recall they had at least (4) different cards per POW to distribute to (4) or more of these auditoriums).

    I think the point is it was amazing to see the diligence and legwork required to create, track, and sort this important personal data – back then done in a physical sense. Its kind of a motivator to learn more data stuff for me. I hear they just reopened the museum after a recent renovation (I visited about 2010), so I hope they still have this information displayed. Have a good one!! C Neilson