The Year in Numbers 2013


All in all it was a successful year here at John Sansom dot Com. In terms of traffic, the blog had almost 400 thousand page views. I know. I don’t understand why either – but I’ll take it! This years page views were more than half of all the total page views in the 5 […]

Help Design The New Blog Logo


Regular readers will no doubt have noticed the new look and feel to the blog. It has been a long overdue update and one that I hope will give more focus to what’s important, i.e. content by making posts more accessible, easier to locate and interactive for you to enjoy. That’s all fine and dandy […]

Enough of the theme test posts already!

Some of you may have experienced a rather annoying volume of theme test posts in your RSS Reader yesterday. My apologies if that was the case. If you have no idea what I’m even talking about then you can completely ignore this post too :-) Ironically in an effort to improve visitor experience to the blog website, […]