Yes! You Can be a DBA Too

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I received an email from a reader the other day, asking for a spot of advice. You know, that highly sought after and dangerous free stuff. Our SQL community chum posed some rather splendid questions, some of which you have likely pondered too. Since a chap only has so many keystrokes in life, I’m sharing my thoughts [...]

Top SQL Server Forums of 2014

Top SQL Server Forums

There’s a lot of valuable information on the internet. The astute among you will have also noticed that there’s a fair amount of crap out there too. Whether you’re browsing forums, web sites or blogs, knowing what the best sources of SQL Server information are and more importantly which one’s you can trust, can be tricky. [...]

The Year in Numbers 2013


All in all it was a successful year here at John Sansom dot Com. In terms of traffic, the blog had almost 400 thousand page views. I know. I don’t understand why either – but I’ll take it! This years page views were more than half of all the total page views in the 5 [...]

10 Habits of Successful Senior DBAs that You Can Use Today


Senior Database Administrators (DBAs) through experience develop and practice a variety of habits that become key contributors to their success. Here are 10 habits of successful DBAs that you can begin to put to work for you right away. Habit #1: Use Free SQL Server Tools What if I told you that you can get [...]

The A, B, C — and Ds — of Career Advancement

Greg Masuda shares advice for pursuing career advancement that’s applicable to all professionals in this guest post.

What You Need To Bring to SQLBits

This is the way I roll now for domestic travel. This is my bag packed for a week of work. I even fit my laptop bag in my carry-on so I only have one bag to manage. No rolly wheels means the bag itself is quite a bit lighter. Easy enough to carry without wheels and there are hidden backpack straps if it feels unwieldy.

With only a few days to go before SQLBits kicks off, here’s some last minute tips on what you need to bring to ensure you have a fantastic experience.