SQL Snippet: What SQL Server Agent Jobs were running at that time?

Here is a SQL Snippet that can be used to identify the SQL Server Agent Jobs that were running on a server at a particular point in time. This can come in very handy if you need to troubleshoot a performance issue after the fact and want to find out if there were any jobs [...]

SQL Server Reporting Services Tip: email subscription tweak

What’s the problem? How to configure SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 to permit users to assign the delivery email address for their own subscriptions. Why does SQL Server work this way? When you subscribe to a report, the e-mail delivery settings you work with vary depending on whether your Role includes the “Manage individual subscriptions” [...]

Solutions to common T-SQL problems

Some of the moderators over at the MSDN SQL Server Forums have got together and collated a reference of solutions to common T-SQL problems. As always, all quality resources get added to the SQL Server Resrouces area of this site.

Generate a SQL Random Number in SQL Server

One of my favorite SQL Server authors, Michelle Ufford recently posted her method for generating a sql random number, in the post Random Number Generator in T-SQL. This got me thinking and I decided to do a little investigation of my own to identify what is indeed the best method to generate a random number in SQL Server. What is [...]

SQL Server Stuff Discovered This Week

Virtualisation As you may already know, I am big fan of the work of Brent Ozar, a talented SQL Server professional and online author of excellent quality SQL Server content. I particularly enjoy his podcast series and think the clear, direct style of his presentations are brilliant. You can learn a great deal in a [...]

What is your biggest SQL Server mistake?


You know the one I am talking about. We have all been there at some point. You get that awful feeling of dread as a chilling realisation sets in and you ask yourself, oh my god did that actually just happen. Sure you can laugh about it now though, right. So come on and share [...]

Performance Dashboard Report – Datatype Overflow Error

When you try to execute the Performance Dashboard Reports for the first time, you may be presented with an error of the form: “the difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime” This is because the DATEDIFF function returns an int value and once you have a connection that is more than 24 days [...]