Whitepaper: Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2008

No doubt you already know that I love nothing more than getting my hands on excellent technical resources for SQL Server. Well hot off the press is the latest Whitepaper offering from Microsoft that looks at troubleshooting performance problems in SQL Server 2008. Naturally you may already be familiar with some of the techniques and […]

Automate SQL Server Index Defragmentation,Optimisation

This week I came across what could quite possibly be, the best SQL Server index defrag script I have seen. This little beauty is fully customisable and is freely available courtesy of Michelle Ufford (aka SQL Fool) on her blog SQLFool.com As you know, it is just not practical to use a SQL Server Maintenance […]

Performance Comparison of (SELECT TOP 1) Verses MAX()

Figure 1: Select Top query, with no index.

I recently came across a post on Stackoverflow regarding the performance of using a SELECT TOP 1 query in comparison to using the MAX() function. My initial thoughts on this were that the MAX() function would provide the best performance however, in order to be absolutely certain and prove my initial hypothesis I decided to […]

New SQL Server Resources

    One of the joys of working with SQL Server technologies is that there are some truly great knowledge resources available for use. You just have to know where to look. With the volume of information available it can be difficult to sift out the really good stuff. I know throughout my time as […]

Being Organised

An essential skill trait for a good DBA in my view is being organised. With the responsibility of administering and managing vast numbers of servers/jobs/processes simultaneously across the globe, it goes without saying that being organised can come in handy. What with so much going on at any given time, it can be tricky to […]