1. Thank you for sharing the space with me so I can tell my story.

    Thank you so much!

    • You’re most welcome sir. Though it is I that should be sending you a hat tip. I’m genuinely humbled and honoured to be able to play host. Thank you!

    • Hello Sir, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am big fan of you.

    • Sujeet Saste says:

      Every junior developer must read this because this things happen with everyone and we have to take motivation from it, not frustration.

      Your blog helped me everytime, hats off for your knowledge.

  2. Thank you John Sansom.. Very Energetic article.

  3. Vikram Mahapatra says:

    Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Anindya Basu says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. We felt honoured. May God bless you.

  5. Arun Gairola says:

    Thanks Pinal ……..this is very good article …

  6. Well done sir…I appreciate your efforts:-)

  7. Hi Pinal,
    I used to try to contact you to know more about you. But this article fullfilled that.
    Most inspiring..

    Thanks for this.

  8. Mazhar Khan says:

    Thanks Pinal to inspire me. I appreciate your dedication and can feel that you are very honest with your work. Please keep inspire us…

  9. Chandan Abhishek says:

    Hi sir ,
    Thanks for sharing this true and motivational story.. i salute ur personality…

  10. Swapna Lakshmi says:

    ” When you are tired and satisfied at the end of the day, but feel you earned your bread properly, that is the best feeling in the world.” — Great Lines Sir .

  11. Nikheel Patil says:

    Hi Pinal,
    Your story is very interesting & inseparable.
    i learn many thinks from it.


  12. Thanks for sharing your story and experience. I am really big fan of you.

  13. superb article sir..really useful

  14. Hi Pinal,

    Nice to read it, quite inspirational and motivational story.

  15. ABhishek G says:

    Thanks being truely a motivation for many DBAs…….

  16. Marcelo Claure says:

    Hi Pinal,

    Nice story. I admire you and your work with the community.

  17. Saurabh Savaliya says:

    First of all thanks for “”. It is very useful through out in my career. Is there any query about Database my first watch goes into that. people like me which is on first step of his career are motivated from you… learn from you… Thanks A lot Pinalsir!

  18. Very nice article, inspirational.

  19. Good one pinal…Thanks for sharing…

  20. Qazi mohd saif hussain says:

    Thanks Pinal, this is very good and motivated article

  21. Hi Pinal,

    Your Story really inspire me thanks a lot.

  22. BangaruBabu says:

    Thanks Pinal !
    Your Journey is a Good Pioneer for all DBA’s .

    Thanks A Million to John Sansom For Sharing Such a wonderful Pinals Professional Exp with us..

  23. ketan patel says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and experience to other.

  24. Pradyothana says:

    Sir, Great Motivation.

    Yes as you told Learning is the solution, Inspired.

    let me try to adopt 1 new thing per day :) …Its difficult but let me try

    Thanks Pinal.

  25. Suresh Pydi says:

    Impressive…..Thanks for sharing…:)

  26. Good going Pinal and I am glad to be one of the Rows in your ‘Friends’ Table ;)

    Thanks for this post John Sansom!

  27. Sujeet Saste says:

    Every junior developer must read this because this things happen with everyone and we have to take motivation from it, not frustration.

  28. Kavya Natesh says:

    Very inspiring article thanks for sharing

  29. Nice interview with one of SQL’s biggest rockstars, and my own personal hero! (does that make me a groupie? :P)

    Thanks for sharing John.

  30. Kandula Santosh Kumar says:

    Very Much Inspiring story and really got much boooooost with this….

    Thanks for sharing this post John Sansom!

  31. Great inspirational post pinal.
    Always waiting for u r 7 AM post ..
    Thnx for all share

    Also Thanks for sharing John too nice thought !!

  32. Thanks pinal sir.

    Your story was really inspirational.We have to learn so many things from you.

    Thanks Johnson sir for such inspirational story.

  33. Thanks Pinal and John for the great interview.

    The two pieces that stuck out for me were these:

    “My days are usually 14 to 16 hours of work in front of a computer, and my weekends can be similar.” The rest of the article was motivational – but the mere idea of trying to duplicate this kind of effort is completely deflating.

    “At first I didn’t want to listen to him because of my ego…” It is always good to remember to make sure our heads do not get too big to listen to others.


  34. Thanks Pinal Dave Sir,
    it’s vary nice post .i appreciate this post. i m new in sql . it’s vary useful for me .

  35. “Pinal Dave”…. I knew this humble person for 6+ years now and he always amazed me with the skills he has… he always try to achieve next level with the same hard work and efficiency and I think this is one of the quality he has which made him successful.

    @John, thanks for sharing this brilliant journey of Pinal with community

  36. you are always an inspiration for many Pinal. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us.

  37. Pinal Dave. Couldn’t do my job without his blog really. Legend.

  38. Thank you very much Pinal. You are helping to each and every sql developer in the world.

  39. Dharmendra Keshari says:

    Hi Dave,

    The slogan ” there are no accidental DBAs – because we all became DBAs accidentally” which you have written in your lovely and amazing story….. It is 100% part of my life. I give 16 to 17 hrs only DBA part daily and I am leaning daily new thing and so happy about this….

    The leaning desire is so high…just looking for guidance from a mentor like you!!!


  40. Thanks john for the post.

  41. Looks like guest posts are the way forward to drive up traffic John. 50 Comments on this one. That’s more than my blog has got all year :-)

    Nice post though, I liked it.

  42. Tom Strike says:

    Wow, he got me nailed. I’ve got all the books and videos and read all the blogs and Twitter feeds. And I don’t spend enough time studying SQL Server. “They probably have seven or ten books from a variety of authors, read all the blogs, have links to all the videos, but the time and effort they dedicate to actually learning is lacking.”

  43. vinay kumar says:

    I am also a follower of pinal dave from last 3 years. And after read the story of pinal, i started my blog. In starting time, i was confused and don’t know that how to write in a good way. finally i started blogging without wasting of time. Still i am doing mistakes and learning from it. Its improving me day by day. Everyday i try to learn new thing and its give me a joy full smile.

    Thank pinal.

    Vinay Kumar

  44. Thank you John for posting this. Your contribution to community is much appreciated.

  45. Bill Lantz says:

    Thanks for the post. I am definitely an accidental DBA, but trying to learn more, as my focus at work isn’t completely on databases. Just looking to ways to increase my knowledge so I can feel comfortable telling people I’m a DBA.

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