Something for the weekend 31/07/09

Have you had a good week? This past week has been both horrendously busy and challenging for me, although strangely I actually enjoyed it and  dare I say, I quite like it that way. There is just something about getting stuck into tough projects that brings out the best in us DBA’s and challenges us […]

Something for the weekend 24/07/09

Here's your chance for that Golden Ticket?

There’s been a lot of banter and hype in the SQL Server community this week about the upcoming PASS Summit. Bloggers and Tweeters alike have been sharing their thoughts on which pre-conferences to attend, organising post conference social events and exchanging tips on networking. If you’re not one of the lucky attendees this year then […]

SQL Server Reporting Services Tip: email subscription tweak

What’s the problem? How to configure SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 to permit users to assign the delivery email address for their own subscriptions. Why does SQL Server work this way? When you subscribe to a report, the e-mail delivery settings you work with vary depending on whether your Role includes the “Manage individual subscriptions” […]