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Yes! You Can be a DBA Too

I received an email from a reader the other day, asking for a spot of advice. You know, that highly sought after and dangerous free stuff. Our SQL community chum posed some rather splendid questions, some of which you have likely pondered too. … [Read More]

Top SQL Server Forums

Top SQL Server Forums of 2014

There's a lot of valuable information on the internet. The astute among you will have also noticed that there's a fair amount of crap out there too. Whether you’re browsing forums, web sites or blogs, knowing what the best sources of SQL Server … [Read More]


The Year in Numbers 2013

All in all it was a successful year here at John Sansom dot Com. In terms of traffic, the blog had almost 400 thousand page views. I know. I don't understand why either - but I'll take it! This years page views were more than half of all the total … [Read More]


10 Habits of Successful Senior DBAs You Can Use Today

Senior Database Administrators (DBAs) through experience develop and practice a variety of habits that become key contributors to their success. Here are 10 habits of successful DBAs that you can begin to put to work for you right away. Habit … [Read More]